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The Beer Podcast shares new, views, insight and interviews from the people and personalities behind the UK beer scene.  Hosted by two London-based Australians, Michael and Nic, The Beer Podcast brings you an entertaining and insightful look at the fast changing modern beer landscape. 

EP-12 Jamie, Ollie and Rusty from One Mile End Brewery

This is our first episode in a while and so apologies to our listeners for that, but you can expect a lot more from us in the very near future. It is exciting to be putting out some fresh content! 

Our guests on todays shows are the team from One Mile End brewery. They feature as this week's beer on BeerBods with their Snakecharmer IPA. BeerBods asked us to do the write up this week and put us in touch with the team from One Mile End. We are joined by Head Brewer Ollie Parker, Head of Sales Jamie McCabe and Designer in chief Rusty Taylor. 

One Mile End was founded in June 2014 in the basement of the White Hart Brew Pub in Whitechapel in London’s East End. Such was the popularity of the beers they were producing, they moved to a second site in Tottenham in 2016 and still maintain two sites today. 

We talk the history of One Mile End, their beers, their move to Tottenham, what it like being a brewery in London, increasingly one of the most competitive beer markets in the UK, and perhaps even, the world! We go deep on design, 70s psychedelia and Cambodian history. We also cover a a brief discussion about the London Brewers Alliance  and SIBA.

We recorded this podcast last week in the office of One Mile End at their brewery in Tottenham where we enjoyed a few fresh pints of their delicious hazy pale ale – Juicy 4PM. Big thanks for the hospitality. We hope you enjoy our conversation with One Mile End. 

Plus you can hear our chat with Matt and Gordon from BeerBods in Episode 1.

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EP-10 Chris Martin Seven Sisters Brewing and Stokey Beer Festival

Chris Martin is the Co-Founder of Seven Sisters Brewery and the Founder of Stokey Beer Festival. He is also a full time maths teacher! We spoke to Chris about the origins of Seven Sisters and what its like to set up a micro micro brewery and craft beer festival. In the London market, dominated by buy-outs and high growth craft breweries, there is still room for a micro, independent brewery and craft beer festival to thrive. Driven by passion and a love for the independent beer community Chris explains what it take to juggle a lot of balls and pull off something special. 

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Michael Lally
EP-09 2017 Year in Review / Golden Pints

We review the year in beer but putting our own spin on the Golden Pints. We were joined by Beer Sommelier Lotte Peplow and Writer and Photographer Matt The List to discuss 10 categories we selected to summarise the year in beer. We covered Pub / Bar / Taproom of the Year, Best Beer Event, Beer Retailer, Collaboration Beer, Best Marketing, Beer Writer, Beer Braodcaster, Beer of the Year, Brewery of the Year and Person of the Year.  Our own reflections, views and opinions highlighted the diversity of taste and experience and highlighted all the great people doing great work in the craft beer scene. Hope you enjoy listening to this one as much as we enjoyed making it. We'd love to hear your views too so have a listen and get in touch. 

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EP-08 Tiffany Cromwell Blue Coast Brewing

Tiffany Cromwell is an Australian professional cyclist for the Canyon SRAM team. She is also a Brand Ambassador for Blue Coast Brewing, a new craft beer project based in Nice and backed by some of the biggest names in cycling and motorsport. The South of France is known for its outdoor lifestyle and attracts sportspeople from all over the world. A number of them have joined forces to bring craft beer to the local community. 

Tiffany tells us about herself, how she got involved with Blue Coast Brewing, the people behind it and where their ambitions lie. This project, with its location and people involved feels like a different project to any we've seen in the UK. 

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Michael Lally
EP-07 Billies Craft Beer Festival

After the success of Beavertown's #BEAVEREX17 we decided to investigate a European craft beer festival to see how it compared. We wanted to investigate what makes a good festival,  why UK brewers decided to participate in festivals abroad, even if they weren't distributed there, what European brewers thought of the UK craft beer scene and how they decided on exact what to bring along.  

Billies Craft Beer Festival in Antwerp had 50 of the very best craft breweries from all over the world and utilised with an all-in formula like Beavertown, which is unseen in Belgium and the Netherlands until now.  We were able to enjoy about 200 different beers each day, and the beers on Saturday werr completely different from the ones on Sunday. We chatted to some of the best brewers in the world along side some breweries not heard of outside of their cities and towns. We hope you enjoy the listen. 

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EP-06 Jen and Glenn from Hop Burns and Black

The multi-award winning Hop Burns & Black is one of London's pre-eminent independent bottle shop. Jen Ferguson and Glenn Williams founded Hop Burns and Black to turn their passion for beer into how they make a living. They have created something special that many others have tried to replicate. We sat down with them and over a few beers to hear the story of Hop Burns and Black including what insights running a beer shop gives them about the modern beer industry. They gave us an hour of their time to share their story and their insights.  

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EP-05 The GBBF at 40

The Great British Beer Festival celebrated its 40th year in 2017. It comes at an interesting time both for CAMRA and the industry. CAMRA's Revitalisation project continues while their membership continues to grow. The number of breweries continues to rise, albeit beer sales are flat. Supermarket sales are on the rise and US brewers are important more than ever before. We hear from Tim Page, CAMRA's Chief Executive, Colin Valentine, CAMRA's Chairman, Neil Walker from SIBA, Lotte Peplow from the Brewers Association, beer writers Ray Bailey and Jessica Boak, plus we tracked down John Waters, the only person who has volunteered at every single GBBF. We explore the history of GBBF, where it currently stands and where it may go in the future. 

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EP-04 The Camden Town Experience

Camden Town Brewery were a leading light in the London craft beer scene known for their vibrate brand, lager-focused beers, fun events and great people. After a hugely successfully crowd funding campaign things looked up. Then they were acquired, by none other than the worlds biggest brewer in AB InBev. That caused consternation amongst the industry where 'selling out' is considered a fate worse than death. After the acquisition they closed the taproom and it felt like they closed ranks. Until July 2017. With the taproom re-opened they followed that up with a Open Day at their shiny new brewery in Enfield. We went to the new brewery to check it out and talk to people about their Camden Town Experience. 

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