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The Beer Podcast shares new, views, insight and interviews from the people and personalities behind the UK beer scene.  Hosted by two London-based Australians, Michael and Nic, The Beer Podcast brings you an entertaining and insightful look at the fast changing modern beer landscape. 

EP-01 Matt and Gordon from BeerBods

'Evil' Gordon (left) and Matt Lane (right) from BeerBods

'Evil' Gordon (left) and Matt Lane (right) from BeerBods

BeerBods ( is the UKs number 1 subscription beer service. But unlike other services, BeerBods gives their subscribers very little choice in the beer that arrives in their subscription boxes. We sat down with Matt and Gordon in sunny Cornwall to hear the story behind the founding of BeerBods, their growth journey, insight into the beer scene and future plans including a new crowdfunding campaign ( to help take BeerBods to the next level