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The Beer Podcast shares new, views, insight and interviews from the people and personalities behind the UK beer scene.  Hosted by two London-based Australians, Michael and Nic, The Beer Podcast brings you an entertaining and insightful look at the fast changing modern beer landscape. 

EP-02 The 3|9 Project

The 3|9 Project is a brewing collaboration project hosted by Harbour Brewing Company. They invited 9 immense breweries from across the world to Cornwall over a weekend in June, put them into teams of three and made three completely different beers. The brewers involved were: 21st Amendment (San Francisco, CA), 3 Weavers (Inglewood, CA), 6 Degrees North (Aberdeen), Adnams (Southwold), Beerbliotek (Gothenburg), Bevog (Vienna), Breakwater (Dover), Deschutes (Bend, OR) and Whiplash (Kildare) and we spoke to them all, plus Eddie Lofthouse, founder of Harbour and the brains behind the 39 project plus Matt Lane from BeerBods, the man in charge of selling all the beer. This is a big ambitious podcast that hopefully matches the ambition of the 39 Project. The beers are now packaged in stunning cans and available to buy at