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The Beer Podcast shares new, views, insight and interviews from the people and personalities behind the UK beer scene.  Hosted by two London-based Australians, Michael and Nic, The Beer Podcast brings you an entertaining and insightful look at the fast changing modern beer landscape. 

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EP-06 Jen and Glenn from Hop Burns and Black

The multi-award winning Hop Burns & Black is one of London's pre-eminent independent bottle shop. Jen Ferguson and Glenn Williams founded Hop Burns and Black to turn their passion for beer into how they make a living. They have created something special that many others have tried to replicate. We sat down with them and over a few beers to hear the story of Hop Burns and Black including what insights running a beer shop gives them about the modern beer industry. They gave us an hour of their time to share their story and their insights.  

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EP-04 The Camden Town Experience

Camden Town Brewery were a leading light in the London craft beer scene known for their vibrate brand, lager-focused beers, fun events and great people. After a hugely successfully crowd funding campaign things looked up. Then they were acquired, by none other than the worlds biggest brewer in AB InBev. That caused consternation amongst the industry where 'selling out' is considered a fate worse than death. After the acquisition they closed the taproom and it felt like they closed ranks. Until July 2017. With the taproom re-opened they followed that up with a Open Day at their shiny new brewery in Enfield. We went to the new brewery to check it out and talk to people about their Camden Town Experience. 

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