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The Beer Podcast shares new, views, insight and interviews from the people and personalities behind the UK beer scene.  Hosted by two London-based Australians, Michael and Nic, The Beer Podcast brings you an entertaining and insightful look at the fast changing modern beer landscape. 

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EP-12 Jamie, Ollie and Rusty from One Mile End Brewery

This is our first episode in a while and so apologies to our listeners for that, but you can expect a lot more from us in the very near future. It is exciting to be putting out some fresh content! 

Our guests on todays shows are the team from One Mile End brewery. They feature as this week's beer on BeerBods with their Snakecharmer IPA. BeerBods asked us to do the write up this week and put us in touch with the team from One Mile End. We are joined by Head Brewer Ollie Parker, Head of Sales Jamie McCabe and Designer in chief Rusty Taylor. 

One Mile End was founded in June 2014 in the basement of the White Hart Brew Pub in Whitechapel in London’s East End. Such was the popularity of the beers they were producing, they moved to a second site in Tottenham in 2016 and still maintain two sites today. 

We talk the history of One Mile End, their beers, their move to Tottenham, what it like being a brewery in London, increasingly one of the most competitive beer markets in the UK, and perhaps even, the world! We go deep on design, 70s psychedelia and Cambodian history. We also cover a a brief discussion about the London Brewers Alliance  and SIBA.

We recorded this podcast last week in the office of One Mile End at their brewery in Tottenham where we enjoyed a few fresh pints of their delicious hazy pale ale – Juicy 4PM. Big thanks for the hospitality. We hope you enjoy our conversation with One Mile End. 

Plus you can hear our chat with Matt and Gordon from BeerBods in Episode 1.

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